About Feldwerk

High-End-Software and
Profound Industry Expertise

We have developed highly specialized software for tariff optimization based on profound knowledge of tariff structures, terms and conditions of offers and tender management. We use it to reduce your telecommunication costs to a minimum.

The management of Feldwerk has been in executive and consulting positions in all major German telecommunications network operators for many years. Our knowledge and our systems are accordingly based on many years of experience in the telecommunication business.

Our software was developed on the bases of understanding that the telecommunication network operators and their marketing organizations are not able to gather the exact structure of needs of the client, let alone subsequently identify which tariffs and options are the best for the client. The consequence of this is always significant overcharges.

For more than three years we have been engineering the solution to this problem in the form of a software, that identifies the entire parameters of usage per connection and calculates the resulting costs for the entire range of tariffs and options of the suppliers. Often the calculations are so complex that multiple servers in parallel are needed to get the result in an acceptable time.

With our technology we have achieved at least 20% of effective savings for our customers. In more than half of our projects we have achieved more than 40 %.